Arai Helmet

The Arai Helmet company was founded by Hirotake Arai in Japan in 1926.  Originally a hat maker by trade Hirotake was a keen motorcycle rider in the 1930s and saw an opportunity to develop motorcycle helmets.  The company has been around now for over 60 years and has maintained its single goal of providing a product that is comfortable to wear and provides a high level of safety for the rider and driver.  Arai helmets are worn by people in all fields of professional motorsport such as formula one, Nascar and MotoGP as well as by people who are looking for a good quality helmet that is comfortable and provides maximum protection in the event of an accident.

The Arai comapny has two lines of helmets one is a range of full face helmets designed for car drivers, especially formula one drivers and the other range is motorbike helmets for professional use through to amature riders.  With in the motorbike helmet range Arai has a selection of full face, open face and off road helmets which all meet the high Arai safety standards.  All the Arai helmets available have the following features which make these helmets one to consider when purchasing your own helmet.

All Arai helmets are comprised of a fibre glass based shell which provides to helmet with a tough but light outer layer.  The fibre glass material is designed the spread the impact energy of an accident over a wide area of the helmet while retaining integrity.  The fibre glass construction of Arai helmets is one of the features that makes these helmets very effective.

To get the perfect fit when wearing an Arai helmet you are able to move, add and mould the interior liners and pads to fit snugly aound your face.  This inovation gives more of a custom fit for people who sometimes struggle to find a helmet that fits properly.

Arai helmets also have unique features such as break away vents on the top of the helmet which brack off in the even t of an accident to avoid snagging on anything while crashing, pod less visor attachment which makes the helmet more aerodynamic and quiet, the off road range of helmets have a rounded front to prevent snagging and all the helmets are fitted considering head shape and size rather then just size alone.  Arai helmets are at the more expensive end of the motorbike helmet range but as they say you get what you pay for and sometimes it is a good idea to spend that little bit more espeically when it comes to safety.

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