Bell Helmet

The Bell company was founded in 1923 in California and started off as an auto parts company which supplied race car parts and gear to the large racing market in America.  The Bell company moved its focus in the 1970s and introduced bicycle helmets onto the market.  The Bell company continued to move along in the sale of auto parts and producing bicycle helmets until 1991 when the company split up and the production of helmets came under the banner of Bell Helmets.  The Bell label produces motorcycle helmets for off and on road use as well as helmets for bicycles, snowboarding and car racing.

What makes Bell motorcycle helmets a popular choice for motorbike riders is the safety and comfort features that the helmets contain.  All Bell helmets are manufactured to exceed the relevant safety  standards required in all countries and are available in various fits and sizes to ensure correct fit of the helmet.  All Bell helmets have an E-max Liner system, Tru-fit feature, Carbon X interior, Kevlar chin straps. light weight shell and clear vision visors with multiple opening locks.

Bell motorcycle helmets contain an E-max liner which has been designed to spread the energy of an impact over the whole helmet to reduce the impact for the rider.  The liner covers the whole inside of the helmet and the performance in testing well exceeds the safety requirements.

As well as the E-max liner inside the helmet, Bell helmets also have a tru-fit feature which can give the helmet a comfortable and tailored fit.  The tru-fit liners can be moved and moulded to give the rider the feel of a custom made helmet.  This feature also ensures that the helmet sits right and fits properly to maximises its effectiveness in an impact.

The interior of many of the Bell motorbike helmets is lined with Carbon x which is a feature that Bell have developed to allow perspiration to evaporate from the skin while wearing the helmet.  The carbon x allows the helmet to dry faster and also adds to the helmets flame retardant properties.

The outside shell material that Bell uses for its Motorcycle helmets is a light weight tri weave material that combines Kevlar, carbon fibre and fibreglass.  The combination of these materials makes for a truly light weight and strong outer shell.

All of the range of Bell motorcycle helmets have clear vision visors to provide the rider with clarity and maximum protection from the elements and penetration during a crash.  Many of the visors come in different tints for use indifferent environments and varying light.

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