Motorbike Helmet

Full Face Motorbike helmetProtecting your head while riding a motorbike is important as there are many dangers while you are out there in traffic and a good quality motorbike helmet could save your life.  The wearing of a motorbike helmet while riding is compulsory in most countries due to the dangers that many riders face while on the road.  There are many different types and makes of helmets on the market depending on what size you want, features included and what safety rating is required in your country.

The components that make up a standard helmet are relatively straight forward with the basic concept of the design to cushion the head during impact or contact with the road, other vehicles or other solid objects.  Most helmets are made up of a hard outer covering which can be constructed of a polycarbonate plastic or a thin yet tough layer of fibreglass.    The helmet also contains a softer, thick layer of polystyrene or polypropylene in the form of pads which crumple and cushion the head during impact.

Motorcycle helmets are designed to take the full force of an impact and absorb the energy by the soft padding in the helmet crumpling and protecting your head.  The tough outer shell of the helmet is disigned to minmise any damage to the head by preventing sharp objects from penetrating through the helmet.  After any accident a motorbike helmet should be checked carefully for damage.  The general rule for helmets is that they are designed for single use only.  Once a helmet has sustained damage in an accident it has done its job and should be replaced.  Use of the helmet after it has been damaged in even a minor accident will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the helments performance which directly affects the safety of the rider.

Motorcycle helmets are available in many different types and styles depending on what type of motorbike riding you will be doing.  Full faced helmets are a very popular choice for riders as these helmets provide maximun protection for the whole of the riders head.  Another style of full faced helmets is the off road or motorcross helmet which is similar the road bike full faced helmet only it has an elongated chin and the rider usually wears goggles for eye protection rather than a visor.  Other motorbike helmets on the market include open faced and modular helmets which are helmet providing protection to the back and sides of the head but the face section is open.  The modular helmets can be worn as both open face or with the front part down, as a full face helmet.

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