Nolan Helmet

The Nolan Helmet company was founded in 1972 by Lander Nocchi, an entrepreneur in the motorbike and motor scooter industry.  The Nolan company has now been around for over 35 years and is still producing top quality helmets as well as testing and introducing new materials into their helmet designs to make each Nolan helmet as safe and comfortable as possible.

The range of Nolan Helmets available includes flip up helmets which incorporate the features of a full face helmet with an open face helmet, full face helmets and the jet range of helmets which are designed for people who prefer the open face feel of a helmet.  Each Nolan Helmet is handcrafted to meet the highest safety standards in all of the countries and contain the following features many of which are unique to Nolan Helmets.

Each helmet available in the range has removable and washable comfort padding.  By providing removable padding Nolan helmets can provide maximum comfort to the wearer through all seasons and in all riding conditions.  Making lining that is machine washable is great for people who ride frequently and wish to keep their helmet clean.  Nolan Helmets also have an innovation called Sanitized which offers some protection to the lining even after prolonged wear.

Nolan helmets also offer lower ventilation and an incorporated wind protector.  The use of lower ventilation on the full faced helmet range ensures that outside air is moved through the helmet to provide ventilation to the face and ensure the visor does not fog up while riding.  The helmets also include a wind protector which has been designed to stop air from entering the helmet around the chin area in full faced helmets.  This design feature, like many others in the Nolan range is removable depending on the riders comfort.

The Nolan helmet range also have fog resistant inner visors and a sun visor feature that can be adjusted depending on the conditions.  The anti fog feature in Nolan helmets improves the visors resistance to fogging and improves the riders vision even under the most humid conditions.

One feature that is unique to the Nolan helmet range is the N-Com, a communication system which has been developed so as riders can communicate while on the move.  All helmets in the range are headset ready and the N-Com system uses Bluetooth technology which allows the rider to speak on a mobile, connect to navigation devices, listen to music or communicate with passengers all while riding.

The range of Nolan Helmets available on the market ensures that even the fussiest person will find a helmet that is both comfortable and suited to their individual needs.

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