Open Face Helmet

cornering in motorcycle race

Deciding on whether to by an open face or a full face helmet is one of the many decisions that needs to be made when shopping for a helmet.  There are many good reasons for choosing a full faced helmet but lots of people still prefer to choose a half or open face helmet.  Open […]

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KBC Helmet

The KBC Company is a relatively young company when compared to other companies in the industry.  Despite this KBC has managed to build credibility and trust in its brand and products and over the last 17 years has become a major supplier of motocross brand helmets.  The company manufactures all their helmets in house to […]

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HJC Helmets

The HJC Helmet company was founded in 1971 and initally only produced motorbike helmets for the North American market.  As the success of the company grew so did the countries that HJC retailed their motorbike helmets.  Today HJC helmets are available all over the world with most of the success of the expansion of the […]

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Kids Motorbike Helmet

Adorable boy with a helmet in the head a over ...

Advances in helmet design and materials used in the manufacture of kids motorbike helmets have provided parents with a great selection of full faced and open face helmets.  The challenge then for parents is to purchase a helmet that provides a balance between top level safety and comfort but also considering the cost of the […]

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Dirt Bike Helmets

The sport of motorcross or off road dirt bike riding is a growing sport that is both exciting and dangerous at the same time.  To make the sport some what safer, most riders wear a significant amount of safety gear to protect them in the event of an accident.  The most common piece of protective […]

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